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You want your customers to notice your business above all others. Postime’s broad range of outdoor signage options ensure your sign gets noticed by everyone who passes by. Outdoor signage has no limits when it comes to business applications; schools, houses of worship, hospitality, retail and community services all benefit from the power of this high impact medium. A digital sign is the 21st century preferred form of outdoor advertising.
  • Your message is tailored to your market in seconds
  • It speaks directly to your target market at the point of purchase
  • It has 3x the recall of traditional static messages
  • It reaches your market for 90% less than the cost of advertising in the newspaper, TV or radio

Colour Video Signs

LED billboard

10' x 20' advertising billboard

The power of real motion pays off. Our customers tell us they see an increase in business immediately after their sign is installed. The Small Business Administration estimates a 15% - 150% lift in sales can be expected from an outdoor sign! Based on your location we can tell you how much more you will sell. Promote your school’s achievements, inspire your church's worshippers, advertise your lunch special or let your customers know your room rates. Centralized update technology and software means you control the message from wherever you choose to. Read More...

Monochrome text and images Signs

Electronic Outdoor Full Matrix SignAnimation attracts attention. Pair it with simple text and you up your impact immediately. This is a an effective way to add sizzle to your message without exceeding your budget.

Reach out to your community, share your ministry’s achievements, communicate your school’s important information, reach your retail store’s drive-by target market. PC controlled software allows you to control the message quickly and easily. Read More...

Text-Only Signs

Electronic Text Only SignNo matter your business, text signs offer big impact for the lowest investment. They offer instant connections to your daily drive-by and on-premise customers in a way that static signage never can. Whether your business is a department store, grocery store, pharmacy or service station or a school or community centre, a text sign delivers information they way your consumer should see it. Read More...