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Electronic Outdoor Full Matrix SignOur outdoor LED displays are an affordable state-of-the-art way to communicate promotional programs and community news to your targeted audience. Used in conjunction with our messaging software, these highly visible displays can be used in a variety of applications: schools, banks, shopping centers, churches and auto dealerships, just to name a few. We provide you with a virtually maintenance-free product. Superbrite LEDs last for over 100,000 hours of continuous operation significantly outlasting comparable incandescent displays. They also consume less than 1/40 the power of incandescent displays giving you a significant savings in electricity costs.

Key Benefits

  • Red or Amber, multi-line formats
  • Multiple character fonts
  • Includes software
  • Sizes range from1" to 11' tall, and 4' to 30' wide
  • High, medium or low resolution available
  • Front-Serviceable


  • Flexibility of adjustable height text, choice of fonts, bold, italics, etc.
  • Long life LEDs - 100,000 hours
  • Character size: 11 to 44-inch
  • Five-year U.S.A. factory warranty
  • A standard RS232/RS485 interface, with embedded firmware that allows for automatic conversion of serial communication signals from RS232 to RS485 in multi-sign networks.
  • Stores & displays over 80 messages
  • Lightweight, high-tech, durable extruded aluminum case
  • Create your own graphics & logos
  • Includes powerful software for Windows platforms
  • An optional, bi-directional wireless transceiver that allows you to both send and receive communication signals. The wireless transceiver also eliminates cabling requirements.